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“Version 0.2”


“markdown, karma-ui, gatsby”

Yesterday, I deployed the second major version of Four years ago, when I left NYC, I let my all my domains lapse, and I basically took a longggg break from coding, and from projects in general. Last May, however, I bought a laptop and began coding in fits and starts. Most of the projects I started and — after a flurry of commits — abandoned.

Gatsby is fun to work with because it’s almost instantly gratifying. Although I agree with a friend who said that if you weren’t already familiar with Node, React, Graphql and so on, then Gatsby would be an overwhelming learn. Luckily, there’s a ton of documentation, and I’ve used all three technologies on previous projects. So picking up Gatsby has been painless (save for a minor setback migrating from MarkdownRemark to MDX).

For this version of the site, I iterated on the design, using a newly installed library, Chakra UI. The first version of the site was essentially a placeholder. Now that I’m starting to look for work again, I’d like to have something to show people, and it’s fun to ship something, even if I’m the only person who knows it’s out there.